Dressing the Table

Setting a beautiful table for a special occasion is a joyous event. Where do you keep those table linens when it is not their season?

An elegant botanical garden nearby stores its many gorgeous linens in a closet on hangers. They are pressed and ready for the next event. In your closet or pantry, you can also use hangers to organize table cloths and runners, plus include shelving for those cherished centerpieces and candles that cheer your family every year.

candlesIn earlier days, homemakers would designate a cabinet of buffet drawers for these pieces, including silverware. These lovely pieces would only hold so many items, though.

Today, people use decorative cloths, napkins, vases, and centerpieces to celebrate occasions from holidays to birthdays and family reunions. Over time, they become sentimental pieces, as they remind us of cherished meals and occasions with our families.

We need more than a few small drawers to store these favorite things. Capps Custom Woodworks can build cabinets to hold all of your special table decorations organized and ready to serve.