Fine Dining Cabinet Wall

What’s better than a china cabinet for a dining room? This china storage wall is the best!

If you host the dinners that everyone enjoys, imagine your dining room with this much functionality. The space is perfect for entertaining.

The cabinet wall showcases art objects, china, and crystal wares in water glass doors. It provides space for table linens, candles, and more behind raised panel doors. There’s plenty of room for storage of seasonal decor, and other household items as well.

Solid wood construction inside gives it strength to last. The detailed trim of split-half-reeded columns on the cabinet wall is topped by crown molding. Lighting built in to the cabinet brightens the counter space below.

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases complete the room, glowing with warm comfort. This custom build is perfect for these homeowners. What would your great idea look like? We’re ready to build for you.